Sunhawk Learning Management System

eLearning“If learning is an act of exploration, then technology equips the explorer for the journey of a lifetime.”

Learning Management. Done Right.

We all know that training is essential, but quality employee training is integral to the success of your company, that’s where we come in. As the trusted name in quality training, we recognize that successful companies have a higher percentage of employees who report that being well-trained makes them more content and confident in their jobs. We designed the Sunhawk Learning Management System (LMS) to capitalize on that fact, and it is the tool you need to build an exceptional team.

Train. Report. Certify.

The Sunhawk LMS delivers consistent results through the use of short interactive training modules, segmented training workshops and comprehensive reporting and tracking tools. This makes it easier than ever to record and track important documentation related to compliance and certifications. Click on the Sunhawk LMS tools below for more information on how each tool will help optimize your training results.

Learning Management

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learning management

E-learning Library from RTO

For more than a decade, RTO has been a leader in e-learning, specializing in training for the service industries. Our Sunhawk X LMS platform delivers engaging and relevant training to thousands of users across the globe.

Online Training for Restaurants

Visit our Service That Sells! website for online courses developed specifically for the restaurant industry.

Online Training for Convenience Stores

View our selection of training courses developed specifically for different positions within the convenience store industry.